Soon Group Sp. z o.o.

ul. Polna 50 lok. 404; 00-644 Warszawa

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Soon group are people with many years of professional experience in preparation, implementation and monitoring of construction process. It’s also multidisciplinary team of designers.

Soon group supports investments developed according to any type of contracts.

At each stage of the investment Soon group provides a complete range of services, including:


  1. Analysis of the property legal status
  2. Feasibility study
  3. Profitability estimation of planned investment
  4. Functional and spatial concept
  5. Architectural concept

Preparation of the investment

  1. Obtaining formal-legal documents required by law regulations
  2. Preparing the necessary reports (environmental impact assessment, aquatic legal survey, etc.)
  3. Preparing of multidisciplinary design and construction documentation
  4. Obtaining a Building Permit
  5. Assistance in fund obtaining (negotiations with banks, etc.)
  6. Monitoring of formal procedures
  7. Preparing of tender design
  8. Organizing the General Contractor or contractors tender process
  9. Contract negotiations with contractors

Construction works

  1. Acting as a Supervisor
  2. Acting as a Contract Engineer
  3. Analysis and supervision of the construction costs as well as investment financial security
  4. Approval of works stages and the final approval
  5. Auditing and controlling of construction information design and execution of works
  6. Independent audit of H&S on the site
  7. Preparing energy certificates

In case the investment is based on construction documentation prepared by others Soon group also offers:

Our services can also be provided in English, German and Russian.

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